You Know You’re a Mum During Ramadhan When…

  1. You’re having caffeine withdrawal headaches. Let’s face it, a strong coffee or tea is a trusted companion of most mums, and not being able to have one whilst you SELRES_6e15bea4-2923-42ee-8bb0-8348393f94a7SELRES_d5579fee-4cb4-41c5-8419-8d06576eac6bprepare for warSELRES_d5579fee-4cb4-41c5-8419-8d06576eac6bSELRES_6e15bea4-2923-42ee-8bb0-8348393f94a7 get the kids ready and start the school-run takes some getting used to.




2. You instantly regret not eating or drinking much at suhoor when you wake up feeling both hungry and thirsty and wonder how you’re going to get through the day (although it’s usually fine).




3. Your iftaar meals become a little less elaborate and ambitious as the month goes on.




4.You spend the day teaching your kids the importance of being kind and patient, but then lose your s*** (I mean sabr, of course!) over something as trivial as a misplaced sock because you’re soooooooo tired.




5. You’re sooooooooo tired.




6. Your fridge is suddenly full of fruit! You find yourself eating more fruit in this month than in the rest of the year combined.




7. You have to stop yourself from licking your fingers or nibbling at something from the kids’ plates every time you give them something to eat.




8. While you appreciate that it’s hard for your husband to go to work whilst fasting, you secretly resent him a little for being able to rest for a few hours when he gets back even though you both wake up at the same time.




9. Kids’ bedtimes have suddenly become a little earlier and all bedtime rituals are now governed by what takes the least amount of time.




10. The various forms of worship you do throughout the month have become a little more basic in comparison to what they were during the serene, pre-kids Ramadhans of yesteryear.


(Though hopefully not quite as basic as this!)


9 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Mum During Ramadhan When…

  1. sofiyawmn says:

    I find this really funny and true! This is my second year of breastfeeding and fasting (she is almost two) and I get so tired by the end of the day. But unfortunately when I get back I can’t rest because she keeps looking for me šŸ˜…

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  2. sunzdid says:

    This is so true sis! I could actually relate to most of what you wrote.
    One of the new things my 11month old enjoys doing in Ramadan is to try to feed me when he’s full! I have to pretend I’m eating what he offers, without upsetting him, I’m lucky I can still get away with that haha!

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  3. K.T. Lynn says:

    So cute and relatable and I’m not even a mom! I think 90% of this applies to me just as a wife LOL. Ramadan Kareem! May Allah accept your fasting, forgive your sins, and give you the highest level of jannah. Ameen!

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  4. Fatima says:

    I try my best to remain patient but at times, I feel so much annoyed and frustrated that I do get a little hyper and get angry at my son.


  5. bushrazblogs says:

    I’m not married but I see my cousins run all the errands and they really get tired…. Sometimes I feel that mothers job is the toughest.


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